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-How do we start planning our wedding in Italy?

You can start by looking at our venues, select some of them that you like, email us and we will send you all the info you need or you can fill our form in and we will get back to you ASAP.

-Can we contact previous couples ou helped?

Yes of course. We can pass you their contacts.

-What is the best time of the year to get married in Italy?

The best months are April, May, June, September and October but the weather in Italy could be mild also during winter months. July and August can be too hot and August is very crowded because the most of Italians take their holidays. It does depend also on the region and of course there could be a risk of bad weather at any time of the year.

-When do you suggest we start to plan our wedding in Italy?

We suggest you start planning your wedding in Italy 9 -12 months in advance. The first stage is to find a venue and secure the date as many places get booked well in advance as they are very popular with foreigners and Italians. We can arrange a wedding in a little as 3 months but in these cases there will be a limited selection of places to choose from especially if you are a group of people.

-We are only a small group will you help us to organise our wedding?

We can help anyone one to get married in Italy no matter what the size of the group, we can even help 2 people only by providing witnesses for them.

-We are not planning a big event but we would like just an intimate ceremony with a very small group of close family, can you help us to organize our wedding?

Yes, of course we can! A small wedding can be much more intimate and guests can feel very exclusive, we can even plan a wedding just for 2 providing witnesses for them.

-Do you also take care of our leisure time?

Sure, CortonaEvents offers a huge range of different activities and options for your and your guests leisure time such as cooking class, wine tasting,spa, horseback riding, daytrips to major attractions and little villages, Under the Tuscan Sun – location visits, grapes/olives arvest……………..


-Are the weddings celebrated in Italy recognized in other countries?

Yes they are. After celebrating a legally wedding you will receive a multilingual legal Wedding certificate from the Wedding Hall. It is a certificate that is recognized and legal in any country. A registration of the document may be required in your country. Occasionally a the Town Hall does not immediately issue this document, in this case we will take care of sending it to your home address paying a little extra fee.

-Can I get married open-air?

In Italy a Civil wedding takes place inside the Town Hall or property purchased by the local government. (In some very rare exceptions the mayor may agree to perform the ceremony elsewhere, but please do not expect this.)

A Catholic ceremony can only be performed in a Church.

You can have an open-air wedding just if you choose a symbolic ceremony/blessing.

-Who will perform the civil ceremony?

The mayor or one of his/her officials will perform the ceremony.

-Will the ceremony be in English or Italian?

A civil ceremony will be in Italian with an English translator. A religious ceremony can be in Italian or in English as well as the blessing ceremonies.

-How long does the civil ceremony last ?

Usually it is about 15 to 20 minutes.


-I have been divorced , can I still have a Catholic religious wedding?

No, if you have only been divorced you may not remarry in a Catholic church, you must first have your previous wedding annulled by the Catholic Church in your country.Anyway you can have a symbolic blessing.

-I have been divorced can I have a civil wedding?

Yes, you can, but please keep in mind that for the bride 300 days must have passed since the date of the Decree Absolute. This does not apply to the groom.

-Is there a lot of paperwork to do?

There is some paperwork you will need to get in your country and some paperwork needs to be done in Italy, this obviously depends also on your nationality and religion, but we will inform you on the exact documents required, you will be assisted by someone who will deal directly with the Embassy/Consulate and the local Town Hall or church.

-How many days prior to the wedding should we arrive?

It depends on your nationality, anyway we strongly suggest you to arrive no later than three days before the wedding day. Some cases can vary but you will always be advised of this in advance.