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Cortona Events
CortonaEvents staff apply their refined taste and fantasy in tailoring special events for both private ad public moments.

Being the staff all Italian, even if english speaking it will be very natural helping with suggestions and advices, couples, in order to realize their Italian dream with the real Italian style. The starting point is an original idea, from that, every single event is treated with the same accuracy and attention than a long-expected première! Since 2003, CortonaEvents has been on the side of so many couples on their weddings and events in many different countries, avoiding them any stress and giving them the chance to enjoy their Italian experience, totally.
The attention for every single detail is the first aim, right after couple's satisfaction and the desire to devote oneself to a project as to the creation of a work of art. This is the reason why CortonaEvents proposals are always different, because every request is the source of a unique inspiration. Every single event has a suggestive moment, a coup de théâtre , a magic time, that will be remembered as a unique Italian experience...for the life.

This land is magic…be a part of it!